The neW Playboy

February 15, 2010

Every since the twentieth century publications of Playboy, Esquire Magazine and now of course countless others… MeN have continued to evolve in their fashion and interior designs.   There will always be the bachelor pad, locker room guy with unkept apartments and bathrooms that would make the average woman want to turn around.  But as a whole statistics have seen a radical change.  The metro man thinks that he is not only cool, smart, romantic and knows how to dress… but that his pad and office reflect his style.  Statistics still show some men who will always select the biggest  plasma television and a lazy boy chair for his design concept.  Throw in socks on the floor, sheets that came from Wal-Mart or even a second-hand store and you have the complete picture.  Fortunately that group is getting smaller and smaller.  There will always be women who will accept this.   But with so many women today who are entrepreneurs, professionals, and well-travelled, they want a man who can hold his own when it comes to interior design.  He may not watch Nate Berkus (Oprah’s design  muse) or HGTV, but through social networks, like twitter, and Facebook, he remains informed… and realizes his pad should reflect signs of class and maturity.  For the next week we are going to concentrate on couches, home theatre, lighting and coffee tables for the playboy.    As far back as the original Playboy Mr. Hugh Hefner who had it all… silk pajamas, a rocking pad and cars to match his romantic side.  He knew what women wanted in a man, nice fragrances, a sweet car, a home that she felt comfortable in, not one that would make her leery of taking her clothes off in.  He knew how to romance women.  He understood that classy women wanted to dine at his fabulous clubs, be entertain at his cool pads and make love in a room filled with candles, slick furniture, and exotic scents.    “Hugh Hefner” defined the playboy as a man who is alert, aware, who had taste and a man sensitive to pleasure, a man who without acquiring the stigma of voluptuary on dilettante-can live life to the hilt”.   


 So moving into 2010 has brought about the new generation of playboys, who play polo, golf at international courses, buy the fashion collections of Armani, Tom Ford and D & G.   They buy slick watches, cool cars, and only the hippest shoes,  while their homes are replica’s of modern contemporary, mid-century modern or even traditional.  Bottom line they know the game!  They want their interiors to still be functional, express their identities and have a soul of comfort.  No longer do they want their baby momma’s, jump off, mother or mistress to help them to decide their style.  What will always remain popular is their need for their toys.  But they still desire a more sophisticated look, rather than the TV on the floor or on a box.     A lot of powerful MeN and Playboys today know what they want.  They want the wow factor, comfortable, but still glamorous… especially those in the music world, and the entertainment industry.  “Trendy interior paint colors are leaning towards the more relaxing and soothing shades.  We are seeing paint colors from light, pale pink to yellow on one hand and then on the other, we are seeing more earth tones that help to show the “green” side that people are feeling.  Bringing the outdoors in with browns, rust, gold, and greens which is very popular in 2010 interior paint colors.  Other shades that are reflecting the souls of the consumers are black, white, and even grays.  The color white adopts a clean and fresh feeling that everyone loves and if accented correctly, can make the room feel alive with color”.  The 2010 trend fit’s perfectly into a pallete that MeN can feel cool with.  Since I have decorated more and more for MeN, I have found that they are not afraid of a LITTLE color.  Unless they are on the more risqué side they still prefer neutral tones, with a hint of blue … which they can associate in their minds with the classic suit, blue shirt  and ties.  Some of my favorite playa’s, bachelors, and playboys from my perspective:  Hugh Hefner, Chris Brown, Kanye, Trey Songz, Mick Jagger (even though rumors have him engaged), George Clooney, Brett Ratner, Collin Ferrell, and Jude Law all have their Swagga working.            

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