beauTiful ThinGs

June 16, 2010

eiffel tower and walking classic of FuR

diamond cufflinks by angelina and Brad

bachelor pad... by elie saab

seductive... chair3cal

unique concept for the young jock


great living room 4 the metro guy

great bathroom design with rocks


 credits:  freshome 


miles davis... the definition of a PlayA


From centuries ago, men have had dappeR SwaggA… they have  portrayed a smoothness in their approach to women. Chivalry was alive and love-making was part of their seX appeal.  Not like today where a man is all about pleasing himself and if you get yours (great).   When they greeted you they brought flowers or chocolates,  opened the door, considered you their queeN and was proud to have you in their lives and on their arms.  It didn’t matter what you were called…today’s  jump off, mistress, Mrs. JoneS, wife, or just someone who they met at the airport and indulged in some quick hot and heavy Sex.  Of course ladies things have changed, but we will continued to at least bring you great photo shots of the MeN from yesterday and some today who still represent!   

david beckham... different shot 4 the ladies in waiting!



johnny depp… 2 cool 4 planet eartH



Dapper SwaggA

May 11, 2010

Drake… rappeR

Malcom X

warren beattY

david beckman


via:  GQ

It Takes a WoMaN

May 6, 2010

The Visionare behind... interiors4men



BMW Luxurious 787 Interiors

Trendir Gas Fires for the Romantic MeN

Gulf Stream Interior Cabin


Louis Vuitton Golf Bag..$8400

Bentley Luggage

additional credits: ipone, aston martin, montblanc