Blue CuP and Koffi

May 15, 2010

I know that this is not our usual photos.  But my friend Lamont Blake a wonderful photographer took a shot of this coffee and cup and I had to display it.  Because it really is a work of art!  I don’t know or recall what koffi shop he was at… but who made the koffi deserves credit too.  Go out today and have a Great cup of Blue Koffi. 

Just a Blue cuP ...until taken by Lamont BlaKe


Simply BeautifuL

Blue Blood

April 26, 2010

interior edge

Expensive Taste…

March 27, 2010

Catskill Mountain Glass House-Matlock... beautiful






Most Expensive Deserts – Chocolate Varia $640.00




Beauty On A cleaR Day

My favorite architecture has always been with glass, glass, and more glass.  The other item that I love with a glass house design is the extreme simplicity

via…homedesignshome, archimanica architect


January 29, 2010


Whatever your beat is find it here… interior design, photography, designing furniture with great lines, living the life   of luxury, finding those who can secure you a life of luxury and or just enjoying shots of beautiful people.




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N The DeserT

January 16, 2010

palm spring 960