MeN in their early or late thirties with  professional backgrounds are quite comfortable with the color blue in every shade … it embraces their pin stripe power suits.   Which has been a part of men style since the beginning of fashion.  Pastel pinks and Polo yellows are also widely adapted by the bachelor, divorcee and the jet setting crowd.  The aura of authority, money and intelligence provides an acceptable level of comfort with these colors.  Through my research I have found several design concepts that caters to this unique niche.  Interior Designing for men is still not marketed as a widespread money-making audience.  But everyday I continue to meet and design for more and more men who are determined to break through this glass door.   Speaking of doors… one of the most important areas in a divorced or bachelor’s pad is the bedroom.  When MeN can seduce a woman by making her  feel comfortable, sexy and romantic through his chose of furniture he has done his homework.  He should also use dashes of bold colors, wild textures, soft fabrics and patterns to create the flow.    Throw caution to the wind, select cranberry-red, citric-orange and night-time lavender as accent pieces.  Good Luck.

credits: august-black..paul mccobb..all modern..le corbusier..west elm..a single man..scandesign..arne-norell..patrick-norquet..ludovica-roberto-palomba..charles eames..paulistano..stlloftstyle

It Takes a WoMaN

May 6, 2010

The Visionare behind... interiors4men

2010 Playa Must HavE

April 15, 2010

What a work of ArT!  Not only is the design to die for… but it implies, suggest, convinces, and definitely provides a thumbs up from the women of Vensus.  Upholstered in black crocodile pillows along with Strass Swarovski crystals.  For only $6500 you can enter the Playboys CluB.

Black Diamond Platform by BA Stores

The $5000.00 ChaiR

April 11, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Huff the other day of the fabulous Huff Furniture store on Peachtree Street in Atlanta.  While strolling through the store… admiring all the expensive yet unusual items, I came across the darling below.  It’s call the “Swing Chair”.  Not only does it recline once you pull the chrome knobs on the side, but after about 30 seconds it begins to swing your body back and forth.  The mechanism of the chair are so awesome that one can almost understand why it will put a dent in your bank account.  But it is considered one of those “must haves”.   

R-U-N- the CloseT?

February 7, 2010


Every since I can remember my father always told me that fashion and style consisted of charm, elegance, polished shoes, a good watch, and a boutique closet.  Todays metro men should have a distinct place to display their collection of shirts, shoes, suits, and miscellaneous items.  Bottom line… it should resemble the closet below.


These beautiful creatures of art not only display style and fashion… but their elegance is a form of  artistic design…