Tiles by Ann Sacks

June 1, 2010

glass tile

glass mosiacs

metal tiles

ceramic art tile



My Studio… HiP SpoT

May 31, 2010

A friend was in Los Angeles over the week-end and went to a hot new Spot call “My Studio”.  I must agree it does have all the signs of being hip, cool and for the beautiful people.  But my friend was telling me that unlike a lot of other pretensions places in City of Angeles, My Studio was quite refreshing.  Although like Studio 54 that started the Velvet Rope, you do have to be unique to get in.  Wearing a Polyester shirt and tennis shoes that are not vintage as style, will not rock the person who holds the key for your entry.  She stated that the people were more down to earth, sociable and approachable.  Now that is odd in itself for Hollywood.  Since everyone is a star… it’s hard to image a place were people would actually speak or socialize with you.  Unless of course you were Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Carmen Diaz or Will Smith.     

The club is designed as though you were in a photographers studio… is that slick?  The clubs interior is truly hot… so next time I’m in LA, I will definitely check this cool club out.  Until then enjoy the photos.  

looks like a cool library... where I can order drinks


funkY... Kool...HoT


Swanky CooL


Zust 2 HiP


credit: urban daddy


May 30, 2010

If you’re furnishing your new pad… check out the couches we have selected below.  They would make any crib, pied-a-terre or playa’s space… slick-cool and hiP 

modern furniture warehouse


abby sectional


f.C. Gundlach @ bluetramontana

florence knoll


atoz home center @ modern line furniturealphavilla design






alphavilla design

Stings New York PaD

May 28, 2010

I love the use of textures and colors


great taste... simply tasteful

soulfully wrapped in art


credits:  Sting’s $19M New York pad sold… zillow

Let’s give credit where it’s due from our Opinion… Queer eye 4 the straight GuY, brought about a lot of changes for men.  It allowed them to get mani’s and pedi’s without appearing GaY.  It was ok to shave you chest hair and still remain a Rock hard MaN.  When they got their hair cut, it was ok to visit a Salon versus a Barber shop.  They could include candles in their decor without feeling a tad strange.  And of course with all the other reality shows that featured MeN and make-overs, it suddenly became kool or the StyLE.  And finally taking a bath was no longer a WomaN’s thing… it was a desirable thinG.  Enjoy 4 luxury bath interiors… that we selected 4 MeN to visit upon their next business trip, while still keeping their MalE carD.

millenium - hilton... new york

molori safari lodge... south africa

hyatt presidential suite seoul

hard rock suite... san diego


 abc news


May 26, 2010

These three designs of First Class are called one word… LUXURY

british airways


emirates airlines


air france


 via: rap hip hop 1

While out researching furniture and concepts for a client today, I thought of this kooL hotel 4 a BMF (best male friend trip).    Every professional MalE and his boys have to go to New York at one time or another.  And with so many hotels to choose from, sometimes it becomes a delicate balance even for your assistant.  This is where we come in… we are the connoisseurs of boutique, 3* (if your bank account is still growing) and 6* hotel if you want it all!

Good Night is one of our many favorites for a quick trip to the Big Apple, 4 some fun, 42nd street, and a call Girl if that’s your thing.  After all you do have your SwaggA carD.

the ultimate in style, hipness, location and to get ur FreaK on!

For those of you who love Mid-Century Modern as I do… Eichler homes are for us groupies.  It takes a Connoisseur of fine taste to appreciate, the architecture of these one of a kind homes.  Built in the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s they will always capture the hearts of the hip and cool.    “Joseph Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modernist style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled architects and using quality materials. His contemporary houses have not been equaled since, and 50 years on they still look ‘modern”.

ventura country star


Ipanic... steve flanagan


marin modern


san francisco modern

Shaq’s Shack

May 20, 2010


The Best photo of the HousE

I’m not sure this is still Shaq’s house… but at one time it was.  Other than this photo of the stairs, I find the interior style to be terrible.  It has no flavor, no theme, no soul.  Even if it is currently being Staged for Sale… he should get his money back and get someone new.  Preferably myself!

credit: celebrity homes