MeN in their early or late thirties with  professional backgrounds are quite comfortable with the color blue in every shade … it embraces their pin stripe power suits.   Which has been a part of men style since the beginning of fashion.  Pastel pinks and Polo yellows are also widely adapted by the bachelor, divorcee and the jet setting crowd.  The aura of authority, money and intelligence provides an acceptable level of comfort with these colors.  Through my research I have found several design concepts that caters to this unique niche.  Interior Designing for men is still not marketed as a widespread money-making audience.  But everyday I continue to meet and design for more and more men who are determined to break through this glass door.   Speaking of doors… one of the most important areas in a divorced or bachelor’s pad is the bedroom.  When MeN can seduce a woman by making her  feel comfortable, sexy and romantic through his chose of furniture he has done his homework.  He should also use dashes of bold colors, wild textures, soft fabrics and patterns to create the flow.    Throw caution to the wind, select cranberry-red, citric-orange and night-time lavender as accent pieces.  Good Luck.

credits: august-black..paul mccobb..all modern..le corbusier..west elm..a single man..scandesign..arne-norell..patrick-norquet..ludovica-roberto-palomba..charles eames..paulistano..stlloftstyle

For those of you who love Mid-Century Modern as I do… Eichler homes are for us groupies.  It takes a Connoisseur of fine taste to appreciate, the architecture of these one of a kind homes.  Built in the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s they will always capture the hearts of the hip and cool.    “Joseph Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modernist style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled architects and using quality materials. His contemporary houses have not been equaled since, and 50 years on they still look ‘modern”.

ventura country star


Ipanic... steve flanagan


marin modern


san francisco modern

2010 Playa Must HavE

April 15, 2010

What a work of ArT!  Not only is the design to die for… but it implies, suggest, convinces, and definitely provides a thumbs up from the women of Vensus.  Upholstered in black crocodile pillows along with Strass Swarovski crystals.  For only $6500 you can enter the Playboys CluB.

Black Diamond Platform by BA Stores

Just 4 the OfficE

March 31, 2010

crocodile leather desk & chair

infiniti designs

ribalta luxury


courtsey:  trendir…compar

4 The MaN N You

The Painting being the focal point with the stripped rug pattern is such a great display of mixture.  The design of the  couch speaks loudly on its own.  The two coffee tables has its own unique look, matched by beautiful doors


This design concept has such a great mix of patterns and the look and feel of the late 60’s and 70’s.


This is a fascinating piece of work… they have created beautiful drama with wood and then added art and flowers with several other small artifacts to complete the scene.  I really like this.

Simply Gorgeous

The mixture of chairs… Plastic, Wood, Bertolia, and Charles & Ray Eames… what  a work of art!  If you’re in to white this should rock your boat.

Another View

 Once again the mixture of chairs, the layout scheme and the Designer rocks my boat anyway!

My favorite architecture has always been with glass, glass, and more glass.  The other item that I love with a glass house design is the extreme simplicity

via…homedesignshome, archimanica architect

SweeT Valentine 4 the Boys

February 14, 2010







January 12, 2010

“The interior was designed to have a soul of its own, free from the surroundings—a private refuge for Mr. Saab and his close friends,” Richani says, rejecting the notion of any Parisian influences. “The space itself inspired me to create objects for it,” he adds, referring to the oversize floor lights and cubic furniture he designed. “Each object was created for that specific space. Only after did it belong to the Chakib Richani Collection.”